Over 40 years of experience in music education.

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Instructional Philosophy

Individualized learning for children and adults.

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Private & Group Lessons

Lessons available in southwest Beaverton.

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Stephen has been involved in music his entire life. As the son of missionary parents, he had the opportunity to accompany church services from the time he learned his first few tunes at the age of 6. These early experiences led to devoting his professional life to church music ministry and music education. Now retired from church music, Stephen dedicates his energy to tending the spark of artistic flame which burns in so many of us.

Instructional Philosophy.

Stephen's student-centric approach to music education begins with an assessment of learning style. As each person approaches the world and learning in their own unique way, each student's curriculum will reflect their approach. Students often come with life experiences, joys and challenges which have nothing to do with music, but which become an integral part of their learning and their musical life. Stephen believes that a life with music is a life more deeply felt and more personally nurturing.

Private & Group Lessons

Stephen offers private piano and voice instruction and small group lessons from his home in southwest Beaverton. He is also a talented performance coach, bringing character and nuance to the audience's experience. Schedules are flexible to meet a variety of needs, and lessons are offered weekdays during the day, after school, or in the evenings. Regular performance opportunities are offered in several formats from formal recitals to sitting room soirees, but always in a supportive environment.

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